Programmes tailored to meet your particular needs

DKB are a specialist, full-service team of agronomists committed to working with farmers on a long-term basis to optimise crop yields and improve profitability. We do this by providing independent professional advice based on the most up-to-the-minute thinking, by following best agricultural practice at all times and by supplying the highest quality products.

We deal with major manufacturers, through whom we have access to the very latest crop science developments. We are also completely abreast of bio-pesticide developments and can advise on how
these can attack weeds such as Black Grass, which have become resistant to conventional pesticides.

Key to our way of working is gaining a thorough understanding of our farmers and their farms. No two farms are ever exactly alike, no matter how close they may be to each other. Because of this, we create highly specific programmes of activity for each individual farm, taking into account matters such as cropping patterns, soil type, climate and location.

Crops covered by DKB include spring and winter cereals, oil seed rape, potatoes, maize, grassland and vegetables.

Details of all current recommended Cereal crops and OSR crops can be found by following this link to the AHDB website


  • Committed to improving farmers’ yields and profitability
  • Committed to minimising environmental impact and respecting bio-diversity
  • Lean structure – no middle management, no unnecessary overheads
  • Use latest technology
  • First-class financial controls
  • First-class IT skills
  • Vast experience of budgeting for farmers
  • Committed to crop assurance schemes
  • Trial facilities
  • Provide a tailored, individual service to each farmer
  • Highly reactive management approach – allows us to make fast, direct decisions
  • Success built on establishing long-term relationships with both farmers and partner companies