World Population

The prediction: by 2025 the world population will have reached 8 billion

The challenge: how to grow enough food for such a huge number of people

Farmers are facing one of the greatest challenges in the world – how to feed so many mouths whilst protecting the environment, respecting bio-diversity and taking into account climate change.

Whilst we most certainly don’t have all of the answers, we do have a pioneering approach to agriculture – Integrated Crop Management – that allows farmers to produce safe, healthy food that minimises damage to the environment and wildlife.

Integrated Crop Management has been proven to work season in and season out. Results show quite clearly that, with our system, conservation and profitable food production are not incompatible.

If we are to feed 8 billion people, nothing short of a second green revolution is needed. With Integrated Crop Management, we have an approach that is making a real difference. We believe that our combination of conservation and agricultural profitability isn’t just an option – it’s the only way forward for the farmers of today and tomorrow.